Wednesday, September 26
09:00-11:00 | Session I: CCP Production, Management and Marketing
Chairs: V.M. Malhotra, F. Caldas-Vieira

CCP Management in Europe

F. Caldas-Vieira, J. Feuerborn

The variability of Greek fly ashes - Estimations for their future evolution

A. Kastanaki, D. Sotiropoulos, E. Papadopoulou

Use of Calcareous Ash in Germany

J. Feuerborn, B. Müller, E. Walter

Development Fly Ash Utilization in Turkey and Contribution of Isken to the

S. Uyanik, M. Topeli

Coal ash management - retrospective and perspective

K. Szczygielski

Statistical analysis as a key for the selection of suitable fractions of lignite fly
ashes towards their further exploitation

S. Tsimas, A. Moutsatsou, M. Zervaki, C.A. Drosou, O. Karakasi, E. Tsimas

A. Papadopoulos, I. Masavetas, G. Vardaka, A. Karamberi, K. Vavyloni

11:30-13:30 | Session II: CCP Production, Management and Standardization
Chairs: J. Feuerborn, E. Chaniotakis

European Product Standards - update on status and changes with relevance to CCPs

J. Feuerborn, A. Saraber, J. van den Berg

Separation Technologies’ 16 Years of Commercial Experience in Fly Ash Processing

J. D. Bittner, S.A. Gasiorowski, F.J. Hrach, W. Lewandowski

Characterization of Coal ash from a Captive Power plant for Potential End Uses

U. Kant, V.K. Saxena, A. Sarkar, K.K. Mishra

14:30-16:30 | Session III: CCP Utilization in Concrete
Chairs: N. Bech, E. Vazquez

Investigating Techniques for Evaluating Fly Ash Behaviour in Air-entrained Concrete

G.M. Sadiqul Islam, M.J. McCarthy, L.J. Csetenyi, M.R. Jones

Utilization of Coal Gasification Slag Collected from IGCC as Fine Aggregate for Concrete

Y. Ishikawa

Utilisation of lignite fly ash in oil sorption and energy saving during clinker production

O.K. Karakasi, A. Moutsatsou

Quantificaction and qualification of high lime fly ash by efficiency factor: Mechanical and durability aspects

D. Aponte, M. Barra, E. Vazquez

Use of calcareous fly ash in SCC

E. Anastasiou, I. Papayianni

The high – calcium fly ash as a component of self-compacting concrete

T. Ponikiewski, J. Gołaszewski

17:00-19:00 | Session IV: Environmental Issues related to CCPs
Chairs: A. Moutsatsou, N. Koukouzas

Using Fly Ash to Achieve Low Embodied CO2 Concrete

M.D. Newlands, M.R. Jones, M.J. McCarthy, L. Zheng

Creating High-Value Eco-Friendly Materials from Industrial Coal Combustion Ash

C. Tang, N. Thawornsak, S.Samrankrang, O. Jullaphan, M. Chareonpanich

Integrated solutions on providing the consumer properties of ash and improvement of environ-mental and economic characteristics of power plant operation at burning hard coal of the un-steady quality in power boilers

V. Putilov, A. Arkhipov, I. Putilova

Use of New Industrial By-products and Mixtures for Reducing the Environmental Cost of Constructions

J.G. Tapali, S. Demis, V.G. Papadakis

Evaluation of k-value for calcareous fly ash use in concrete

I. Papayianni, E. Anastasiou

Fly Ash Radioactivity Measurements in Electric Power Industry of Serbia Thermal Power Plants

D. Kisić, S. Miletić, S. Jovanović, I. Grzetić