EVIPAR Profile
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EVIPAR Profile

ŇVIPAR (Industrial By-Products Research and Development Association) is an Urban Non-Profit Scientific Association. It was†founded in 2002 and†is based in†Thessaloniki, Greece.†The†company goal is the promotion of the use of industrial by-products and more specifically:†

  • the†support of applied research and the accumulation and diffusion of existing knowledge†about relative subjects
  • the development of initiatives in†national and international level for the promotion of applications for industrial by-products, so as to†contribute†to the viable economic growth of the country,†to the protection of the environment and†to the†conservation of natural resources.

The company aims†at the†development of collaboration between†individuals and organisations that are activated in the research of industrial by-products on one side,†and on the other side†industries and companies that†either produce them or are†interested in incorporating†them into†their production process.